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The Making Of A Studio

The Making Of A Studio

We start by pulling back the curtain to give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at our MR&F studio space. 

The moment you step through the doors, it’s hard not to be enveloped in beauty. Nestled within Aube Studios there is a constant flow of stunning florals and the scent of roses in the air. From the outset, we envisioned a space that exuded femininity, brightness, and inspiration. We envisioned hosting you over coffee, chatting about your latest event or dinner party. We hoped the pieces adorning our walls and fixtures told the story of what we do, and what makes our studio truly special. We hoped it would create a space where you didn’t just feel like a client, but rather a cherished friend.

Our journey began with a stroke of fate—a stunning shagreen desk found in a vintage shop just up the street. It had the perfect Aerin Lauder vibe and we somehow managed to squeeze it into the trunk of our car and drive it down the street to its new home. 

For utility, we opted for simplicity with IKEA Alex Drawer Units, perfect for storing linen samples for our clients' exploration of fabrics and colors.

A set table always stands ready to inspire, and our friends at Housebound Interiors, unearthed the perfect vintage table with carved wood and claw feet in a light wash that helps to keep the space light and graceful. It’s finished with a faux marble top that gives pride of place to our placemats and napkins. 

Our Guest Towels are rotated seasonally but always take center stage on the wall, hung from classic brass rods acquired at Pottery Barn. They currently await the picture light we have on order. 

Among our favorite things in the space? A framed photo of my children from our studio launch, a vintage Picasso print gifted by my dear friend, a collection of inspiring coffee table books, and a linen pinboard capturing beauty and creativity.

But what truly makes our space special are the people who fill it each day - my band of misfits who’ve rallied behind this vision and brought so much life into the space. 

We're excited to share more of our favorite things with you and welcome you into our world of beauty, inspiration, and friendship.

With warmth, excitement and an extended invite to visit us soon,